This existing single family Colonial styled residence had multiple additions and renovations prior to our engagement in 2012. The Owners were looking to add a new, more functional Kitchen along with a new Family Room, 2 car Garage and Master Suite.  We renovated existing areas to create a new causal dining area, garden room off the backyard and a utility room for laundry services.  The clients appreciated our standard approach to additions which is to match the existing architecture and create a harmonious structure.  We didn't want to just link the old with the new we wanted it to blend together with a well-planned layout creating a home which felt as if it was always that way.  With previous additions on the west end of the structure we added to the east for symmetry and balance.  An important design factor was to keep the size and scale of the 3,500 square foot addition subordinate to the original central mass which accented th existing instead of overpowering it.